Never leave home without mascara

Funny story…. I went to a yellow ribbon event on the other side of the state. Left the kids home so it was just me and Don (score!). Anyway, I forgot my mascara. We were going to the meet and great at the bar the first night and I told Don I needed to get mascara. He didn’t understand what the problem was. He said my makeup looked just fine. I insisted and we went to Walgreens and after I put it on he said, “Wow, ok now I understand.” He thought mascara was eyeliner. But the point is that I can’t go out with mascara and I cannot wait to try my new 3D Fiber Lashes.  When Bevin told me she was starting with Younique, I scheduled a party and got my first collection.  She told me to walk before I run, but I’ve got my eye on some new things!

–Savina F.