What’s In a Name?


Once I decided to take the leap of faith and order my Younique beauty kit, I knew I would have to set up an email and a real beauty blog and a FB page.  That all adds up to needing a bad ass domain that has great hashtags, taglines, ties in with all the Bs in my life, etc.

After a lot of brainstorming and talking it over with a close friend, I was still torn between some different options.  Then I did my FB Live box unpacking last night and it just seemed so natural to sign off with #BeBold and #BeBeautiful.   It’s that’s simple, y’all.

cropped-3blifelogo.pngWe need to be bold and fearless in taking care of ourselves from the inside out and that includes keeping up with a beauty routine that makes you feel fabulous.  And we need to believe in our hearts that we have beauty–with or without makeup.

It’s a lifestyle choice.  Choose to be bold.  Choose to be beautiful in all that you do.

Still, I hesitated. And then around 3 a.m. it just all came together in my head and I woke with a game-changing realization: If you’re livin’ bold and livin’ beautiful then you are gonna naturally be a bad ass girl boss.

So there you have it. Bold.Beauty.Boss.

Living the 3B Life and finding inspiration each day in the beauty of those around us.

Now join the party and let’s all feel #bold and #beautiful.



How do you feel about being carded?

I hate getting carded

Not gonna lie, y’all.  I usually find it a big hassle when I have to dig out my license to prove I’m old enough for Happy Hour.  Even worse if I throw up the military ID and they’re all searching the front for the birthdate. However, today the process ended up making me smile from ear to ear.

The post-run sweaty, red face that was my before inspiration.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  First, the afternoon ended in a mandatory 2 mile run after about 3 hours of staff meetings.  That was all rough, but my swimsuit body ain’t gonna work itself out.  So, run I must regardless of how flushed it makes my face and the sun brings out every single freckle I have.

Don’t forget to charge your Fitbit

Except I forgot to charge my Fitbit and didn’t notice until (wait for it)–after the run.  Ugh.  All those 5100 steps just unaccounted for.  It’s “like it never happened” as one of my Facebook friends said.  So I was already feeling a bit moody and had a red face and was tired and grouchy.

Why not go LIVE?

$99 #Flawless4 Bundle

There I was.  I had no makeup on and it was the end of the day and while I had groceries, I just wasn’t in the mood to sit home alone while the hubs was away for work.  So naturally, I did a quick LIVE video in one of my parties to showcase our amazing April customer Kudos bundle.

The #flawless4 (or #fab4 as I prefer to call it) set of the primer, concealer and liquid foundation with the liquid foundation brush for only $99.  That’s like getting the brush for FREE or saving 29% on the products.  Either way it is a WIN!

What happens at Happy Hour…

Still, after the video only half my face was done so I could show y’all the before and after effect. The things I do for this group! 🙂

My dirty little secret

But I was feeling all kinds of inner voice pressure to finish the look and caved.  Did it all, added mascara and lips and headed off to town for some Happy Hour wine.

And then he carded me.  And then…

And then the waiter said, “There’s no way you’re in your 40s.”  

(clouds part and angels sing)

I was amazed he could do math in his head, but super grateful for the comment.  I asked why he said that and he said (drumroll), “Because your face looks so young.”

Just Our Secret

That was the end.  I didn’t need any more words. That was enough.

From my Younique skincare routine to the amazing photoshop finish I get from our primer, concealer and foundation–I know that my age is still just a dirty little secret between me and the waiter (and DMV).

Half fab, half drab.


If you would like to know more about how to achieve this same flawless coverage and youthful face then you know how to hit me up.  Don’t wait.  It only takes five minutes to take your face from drab to fab! Check out my half fab/half drab side-by-side comparison photo if you doubt me.

Kudos to you in April.

I promise I’ll keep your secret.


Mascara Monday

While I was recently sick in bed, I had time to contemplate the power of mascara.  It’s one of those magical potions that has the ability to instantly make us feel and look great.  Yet, we don’t put it on 365–at least I don’t.  Even though I know it can take me from ho-hum to va-va-voom, I still opt out some days.  Here are three reasons to do as I say and not as I do.

Beach worthy beauty

Spring break is right around the corner and summer vacations are not far behind.  Some of you may be lucky enough to head to the beach.  Sunny days on the sand require a simplified beauty routine with lots of moisture and waterproof options. We’ve got you covered.

Before you leave your room, moisturize and use serum around your eyes and apply mascara.  A special trick is to sub out waterproof mascara for our gel.  This will up your 3D fiber lashes from water resistant to waterproof.  They should go all day on the beach!

Since your delicate facial skin and lips will be exposed to some harsh elements, I recommend keeping these few products stashed within easy reach by the pool or on the beach: shine wipes, lip bonbon, lip exfoliator, daily moisturizing cream with SPF 20, and bronzer with brush. Use the shine wipes throughout the day to refresh your face and apply the bonbon often to keep those lips from getting chapped.  I’m even thinking about throwing a mini chill bar in my tote since it is insulated to keep my shine wipes cool so they are extra refreshing!

If you have a really ruddy face like I do, you could also have BB cream on hand with the cream illuminizer instead of the bronzer.  That would be light and refreshing and enough coverage to equalize the red without being too heavy for warm, humid weather.

Special perk

Facetune (3)For anyone who buys one of our collections (or already did)–I’ll send you a set of mini travel size containers perfect for moisturizer, BB cream or illuminizer on the go and throw in a 1/2 price lip bonbon if one doesn’t come in your collection.

For his eyes only

So, it’s been a long day and you’re tired, but you might still be in the mood.  You head into the master bath and grab a shine wipe to clean your face per the usual nighttime routine. STOP.  Consider taking off only your foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and powder but carefully leaving on your mascara and touching up your lips with bonbon.  Why? Because in case you find yourself in an amorous moment, who wants a naked face?  That may be a little too much reality for the occasion. It also wastes an intimate moment when your special other is gazing in your face.  Keep it real, but also let some things be for his eyes only.

Caveat: I’m not talking about sex-proof makeup which is a whole other thing.  We have the products it takes to make that happen, too. That trick may work for honeymoons and other special occasions, but somewhere around year five in a relationship, you realize that you aren’t actually going to bed every night with a full face of makeup.  Nope. But some things should still have a hint of romance and mystery and for those occasions wearing a little makeup and bonbon to bed is a nice compromise.

All day, every day

Facetune (1)OK, I’m gonna say it again.  Don’t leave home without putting on mascara.  Really, just don’t.  Throwing on mascara, concealer or BB cream, bronzer and a neutral lipstick should be your basic girl routine.  But if you only have time for one of those things — pick the mascara all day, every day.

I love the extra oomph of the 3D fiber lashes, which offer not only fuller lashes but also extra length.  In fact, two coats of the gel/fiber system can offset the need for liner and shadow when you’re in a hurry. They look so good that people will only notice your lashes.  Relax and reel in the compliments on your gorgeous lashes without using one other eye makeup product!

All right.  There you have it.  My top 3 tips about mascara and beauty to get your week started with ideas on how to be bold and beautiful in life.  Drop me a comment and let me know what you think about the beach beauty stash.

Less is More

There is no fountain of youth

When I started this beauty journey it was because age was nipping at my heels.  It still is, but I’ve come to realize three things about feeling and looking beautiful in my mid-40s.

Don’t try to look like you’re still twentysomething

Absolutely, invest in quality skin care products and makeup, but don’t layer it on in an effort to cover up the naturally beautiful face you’ve earned over the years.  Accept that the clock is not going to roll back and the youthful glow of past years isn’t your current goal.

Your goal is to take the age spots, beginning wrinkles, more textured skin and enhance it with your best beauty tricks so that you achieve a naturally gorgeous face that gives a nod to the wisdom and experience of time.

A beauty stash with 1000 products only makes you feel like a slave or, even worse, insecure that if you don’t wear all those products you can’t be beautiful.  Pish posh.  Nothing is prettier or sexier than a confident, put together woman in her 40s or 50s who knows she is not competing with the millennial set, but rather her desire to look and feel amazing for herself.

less is moreWe need different products

Truth is that we can’t get away with using some of the same products anymore.  Our skin is drier and has more texture to it from natural aging.  We need to choose cream products over powder-based products.  This includes foundations, concealers and bronzers.  Considering switching from a setting powder to setting spray (secret: we have one launching in April). The extra moisturizers in creams will fill in the ridges of your skin and still give you a flawless look.

Now is the time for not only using a moisturizer day and night but to consider adding in a wrinkle serum to your routine.  These will help decrease fine lines and slow down the progression of wrinkles.  The quality of your skin is also in transition and may become more sensitive or prone to breakouts as changing hormones kick in.  Take care to remove impurities and detox your skin at least weekly.

The eyes have it

aging gracefullyNowhere will we see more change perhaps than in our brows, lashes and how our eyes begin to recede.  If you already had a hooded eye, you may even need an eye tuck.  You’ll have natural shadows in your lid crease, so lighten up on the crease color or forego it all together.  You’ll also want to use light colored shadows (perhaps with gentle sparkle) that will make your eye pop.

Brows will thin and that’s OK.  Be bold enough to handle it with minimal brow liner and some brow gel.  Don’t feel as if you need to paint on a full arched brow every day.  Leave that to the younger girls in the clubs or save the look for special occasions.  Your lashes may also become more sparse.  A good solution for that is a quality lash boosting serum and the extra depth of our 3D fiber lash system.

Simply gorgeous

Aging gracefully is a sought after virtue for women.  It is hard to believe that we can use less product and take less time and still achieve glowing, gorgeous beauty results in the mirror. There’s no shame in aiming high for ultra glam for a date night look or going all out for a mother-of-the-bride look.  I’m talking more about your day to day quest to silence the inner voice that asks, “Am I still beautiful?”

The answer is, “Darling, you are simply gorgeous!”





I love, love, love our Splash Liquid Lipstick.  It offers all day staying power in 10 matte finish shades that are smudge proof.  It’s the one lipstick I can wear without my husband complaining about kissing me. 🙂


I started this look by gently exfoliating my lips and allowing to dry for 5 minutes.  This is an easy step to do before you moisturize and prime your face.  Then, by the time you are ready to apply lip color they are smooth and dry.


It is critical to take the time to use a lip liner when you use the Splash Liquid Lipstick. It has a lot of color pigment and a little goes a long way.  Application could easily get out of hand without first giving yourself a safe “color in the lines” zone. Here I chose Posh in our pencil lip liner.


Three dots is all it takes on the top and about 2 on the bottom. Remember, the less product you put on the longer it will last.  I like to apply mine in dots to my lips and then work it around for the desired coverage with a lip brush.  I’ve seen other presenters put the lipstick on the back of their hand and then apply with the brush. This is great if you are mixing colors to adjust the shade. If it is too light you can apply more product to deepen the color.

Finishing Effects:

This a strong product and offers a lot of shade variations with some simple finishing effects.  If you think your shade is a bit too dark, you can always lighten it up with a dab of our Splurge Cream Shadow for a hint of iridescence.  I love using Dainty or Elegant to soften up the tone.  You can also use a slightly lighter coverage effect with the lipstick in the center of your bottom lip and fill in with a Splurge Cream Shadow to create an hombre style.  I recommend Extravagant for this.  If it’s just too dry a product for you, dry a light layer of our Lip Bonbon to moisturize your lips.  And if you still want a glossy look then add on some of our Lucrative Lip Gloss.

**In the photos above I show all these steps except the iridescent & hombre effects.  I’ve used Sensual liquid lipstick with Pouty lip liner. I show it finished matte, then with a dab of Elegant shadow (versatility!) and the lip bonbon and finally finish the look with a bit of gloss in Loveable.

Positively Glowing


Y’all know I love me a nice sun-kissed look all year around, not just when I’ve actually been kissed by the summer sun.  I often use a bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and love the highlight shimmer in a good contour palette.  Now I have a new brand new trick up my sleeves and I can’t give it enough of a glowing recommendation.

Younique just rolled out three new luminizer options that are only available in our collections: cream, cream to powder stick and a powder.  These are a total #gamechanger in my beauty routine and come in shades that go with any skin type.  I chose the cream a la mode in Pearly (think rose gold) and mix in a drop or two with my BB cream in Bisque for a sheer, glowing effect.


Flying Out the Door

With any good news, there is usually a bit of bad news.  Our three products have been so popular since our Mar 1st launch that a few high demand shades are on back order.  Don’t worry. Be happy! I can still take your preorder info and place it as soon as we receive notice that they are back in stock.  It’s also a sign that others see this item as a game changer. too.  In fact, I’m still waiting on my powder version and my stick sample.

All Day Glow

This picture is at about 9 p.m. after I put on my face in the early morning.  That glow on my cheeks makes me look healthy and happy and it’s still going strong after 12 hours.  That’s a makeup trick I’ll choose every single time.


Bundled Savings

Think you would like to try it out? I would love to send you a sample or talk to you about shade selection and which one of the three products would be best for your skin type.  Remember, each type of the luminizer comes as part of one collection which offers bundled savings of 15-20%.  Talk about scoring! The collections start at $150 and if you host a beauty bash you can use one of your earned hostess reward 1/2 price items to snag the kit for even more savings.

I’m calling it now.  This product is going to be a best seller for a long time.

Golden Eye

My sponsor, Kelli, shared a recent style inspiration photo of her with a gorgeous golden palette. (Check it in the Beauty Gallery!)  Not sure I can pull off the same eye look, but it made me crave all things gold and made my mind start spinning with ideas for spring style #musthaves.

On my next visit to TJMaxx–they didn’t disappoint.  I went in to find more beauty organization for my overflowing counter. Instead, I ran into the cutest goldtone Keds.  I haven’t had a pair of Keds in years, but these fit perfectly and will be a great slip on option when I need comfort and more style than my normal kicks. Then I happened to spot a gold crossbody made of the softest leather. I’m not kidding.  It made me want to pet it.

img_2639I didn’t need either of the items.  (For later discussion: need vs want.) But I do have a trip coming up to warmer climes and I knew these two items would pull together with warm gray cashmere in spring and carry into full-on summer with new sunglasses and some of my fave gold jewelry options.

Confession.  They came home with me.  Can that be a business expense?

Let me know what you think!


New Spring Product Launch

Ohmygracious–so many new products launched today in our new Spring 2017 line.  I’m so excited that I really don’t know where to start.

The Touch a la mode Illuminizer is amazing and makes me feel radiant when I wear it. Come in a cream, stick and powder in shades to compliment a wide range of skin tones.  I have noticed I need to wear a shade darker than expected to achieve the look I want.  Talk about having a natural sun-kissed glow.  These are flying off the shelves and going into backorder so if you NEED one be sure to let me know so I can be ready with your preorder when they come back into stock.  This is a #musthave for spring and summer.


We also have a new Brow Obsession Palette with two colors for your eyebrows, a setting wax and both a matte and iridescent highlighter.  I’m not super big into brows so you’ll be seeing some tutorials on this one as we learn together. It comes in colors appropriate for blondes to brunettes.

There are a ton of new choices for our lippie lovers. We have a six all new shades for our Moodstruck Minerals Stiff Upper Lip Stain (it’s smudgeproof!!!) and three new colors for the Moodstruck Minerals Lucrative Lip Gloss. If you like a classic lipstick you are still in luck with four new shades for the Opulence Lipstick.

I can’t even begin to talk about the Touch Translucent Setting Powder.  It’s only available in a collection and it’s going out the door fast.  But if you live in a humid area or have shine issues you will want to plan on having this on hand for warmer weather. Also a #musthave before summer.

All our collections are brand new.  Such a great bundled value with up to 18% savings at full price or even better–host a beauty bash and earn a collection for half off. Each set comes with your choice of one of our three all new beauty bags.

Fun times ahead.  Check out some of the links and let me know what you think! Our March customer Kudos are freebies with purchase at different levels and you can pick whatever product puts you up to each level. Step it up and save big!