How do you feel about being carded?

I hate getting carded

Not gonna lie, y’all.  I usually find it a big hassle when I have to dig out my license to prove I’m old enough for Happy Hour.  Even worse if I throw up the military ID and they’re all searching the front for the birthdate. However, today the process ended up making me smile from ear to ear.

The post-run sweaty, red face that was my before inspiration.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  First, the afternoon ended in a mandatory 2 mile run after about 3 hours of staff meetings.  That was all rough, but my swimsuit body ain’t gonna work itself out.  So, run I must regardless of how flushed it makes my face and the sun brings out every single freckle I have.

Don’t forget to charge your Fitbit

Except I forgot to charge my Fitbit and didn’t notice until (wait for it)–after the run.  Ugh.  All those 5100 steps just unaccounted for.  It’s “like it never happened” as one of my Facebook friends said.  So I was already feeling a bit moody and had a red face and was tired and grouchy.

Why not go LIVE?

$99 #Flawless4 Bundle

There I was.  I had no makeup on and it was the end of the day and while I had groceries, I just wasn’t in the mood to sit home alone while the hubs was away for work.  So naturally, I did a quick LIVE video in one of my parties to showcase our amazing April customer Kudos bundle.

The #flawless4 (or #fab4 as I prefer to call it) set of the primer, concealer and liquid foundation with the liquid foundation brush for only $99.  That’s like getting the brush for FREE or saving 29% on the products.  Either way it is a WIN!

What happens at Happy Hour…

Still, after the video only half my face was done so I could show y’all the before and after effect. The things I do for this group! 🙂

My dirty little secret

But I was feeling all kinds of inner voice pressure to finish the look and caved.  Did it all, added mascara and lips and headed off to town for some Happy Hour wine.

And then he carded me.  And then…

And then the waiter said, “There’s no way you’re in your 40s.”  

(clouds part and angels sing)

I was amazed he could do math in his head, but super grateful for the comment.  I asked why he said that and he said (drumroll), “Because your face looks so young.”

Just Our Secret

That was the end.  I didn’t need any more words. That was enough.

From my Younique skincare routine to the amazing photoshop finish I get from our primer, concealer and foundation–I know that my age is still just a dirty little secret between me and the waiter (and DMV).

Half fab, half drab.


If you would like to know more about how to achieve this same flawless coverage and youthful face then you know how to hit me up.  Don’t wait.  It only takes five minutes to take your face from drab to fab! Check out my half fab/half drab side-by-side comparison photo if you doubt me.

Kudos to you in April.

I promise I’ll keep your secret.


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