Mascara Monday

While I was recently sick in bed, I had time to contemplate the power of mascara.  It’s one of those magical potions that has the ability to instantly make us feel and look great.  Yet, we don’t put it on 365–at least I don’t.  Even though I know it can take me from ho-hum to va-va-voom, I still opt out some days.  Here are three reasons to do as I say and not as I do.

Beach worthy beauty

Spring break is right around the corner and summer vacations are not far behind.  Some of you may be lucky enough to head to the beach.  Sunny days on the sand require a simplified beauty routine with lots of moisture and waterproof options. We’ve got you covered.

Before you leave your room, moisturize and use serum around your eyes and apply mascara.  A special trick is to sub out waterproof mascara for our gel.  This will up your 3D fiber lashes from water resistant to waterproof.  They should go all day on the beach!

Since your delicate facial skin and lips will be exposed to some harsh elements, I recommend keeping these few products stashed within easy reach by the pool or on the beach: shine wipes, lip bonbon, lip exfoliator, daily moisturizing cream with SPF 20, and bronzer with brush. Use the shine wipes throughout the day to refresh your face and apply the bonbon often to keep those lips from getting chapped.  I’m even thinking about throwing a mini chill bar in my tote since it is insulated to keep my shine wipes cool so they are extra refreshing!

If you have a really ruddy face like I do, you could also have BB cream on hand with the cream illuminizer instead of the bronzer.  That would be light and refreshing and enough coverage to equalize the red without being too heavy for warm, humid weather.

Special perk

Facetune (3)For anyone who buys one of our collections (or already did)–I’ll send you a set of mini travel size containers perfect for moisturizer, BB cream or illuminizer on the go and throw in a 1/2 price lip bonbon if one doesn’t come in your collection.

For his eyes only

So, it’s been a long day and you’re tired, but you might still be in the mood.  You head into the master bath and grab a shine wipe to clean your face per the usual nighttime routine. STOP.  Consider taking off only your foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and powder but carefully leaving on your mascara and touching up your lips with bonbon.  Why? Because in case you find yourself in an amorous moment, who wants a naked face?  That may be a little too much reality for the occasion. It also wastes an intimate moment when your special other is gazing in your face.  Keep it real, but also let some things be for his eyes only.

Caveat: I’m not talking about sex-proof makeup which is a whole other thing.  We have the products it takes to make that happen, too. That trick may work for honeymoons and other special occasions, but somewhere around year five in a relationship, you realize that you aren’t actually going to bed every night with a full face of makeup.  Nope. But some things should still have a hint of romance and mystery and for those occasions wearing a little makeup and bonbon to bed is a nice compromise.

All day, every day

Facetune (1)OK, I’m gonna say it again.  Don’t leave home without putting on mascara.  Really, just don’t.  Throwing on mascara, concealer or BB cream, bronzer and a neutral lipstick should be your basic girl routine.  But if you only have time for one of those things — pick the mascara all day, every day.

I love the extra oomph of the 3D fiber lashes, which offer not only fuller lashes but also extra length.  In fact, two coats of the gel/fiber system can offset the need for liner and shadow when you’re in a hurry. They look so good that people will only notice your lashes.  Relax and reel in the compliments on your gorgeous lashes without using one other eye makeup product!

All right.  There you have it.  My top 3 tips about mascara and beauty to get your week started with ideas on how to be bold and beautiful in life.  Drop me a comment and let me know what you think about the beach beauty stash.

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