Less is More

There is no fountain of youth

When I started this beauty journey it was because age was nipping at my heels.  It still is, but I’ve come to realize three things about feeling and looking beautiful in my mid-40s.

Don’t try to look like you’re still twentysomething

Absolutely, invest in quality skin care products and makeup, but don’t layer it on in an effort to cover up the naturally beautiful face you’ve earned over the years.  Accept that the clock is not going to roll back and the youthful glow of past years isn’t your current goal.

Your goal is to take the age spots, beginning wrinkles, more textured skin and enhance it with your best beauty tricks so that you achieve a naturally gorgeous face that gives a nod to the wisdom and experience of time.

A beauty stash with 1000 products only makes you feel like a slave or, even worse, insecure that if you don’t wear all those products you can’t be beautiful.  Pish posh.  Nothing is prettier or sexier than a confident, put together woman in her 40s or 50s who knows she is not competing with the millennial set, but rather her desire to look and feel amazing for herself.

less is moreWe need different products

Truth is that we can’t get away with using some of the same products anymore.  Our skin is drier and has more texture to it from natural aging.  We need to choose cream products over powder-based products.  This includes foundations, concealers and bronzers.  Considering switching from a setting powder to setting spray (secret: we have one launching in April). The extra moisturizers in creams will fill in the ridges of your skin and still give you a flawless look.

Now is the time for not only using a moisturizer day and night but to consider adding in a wrinkle serum to your routine.  These will help decrease fine lines and slow down the progression of wrinkles.  The quality of your skin is also in transition and may become more sensitive or prone to breakouts as changing hormones kick in.  Take care to remove impurities and detox your skin at least weekly.

The eyes have it

aging gracefullyNowhere will we see more change perhaps than in our brows, lashes and how our eyes begin to recede.  If you already had a hooded eye, you may even need an eye tuck.  You’ll have natural shadows in your lid crease, so lighten up on the crease color or forego it all together.  You’ll also want to use light colored shadows (perhaps with gentle sparkle) that will make your eye pop.

Brows will thin and that’s OK.  Be bold enough to handle it with minimal brow liner and some brow gel.  Don’t feel as if you need to paint on a full arched brow every day.  Leave that to the younger girls in the clubs or save the look for special occasions.  Your lashes may also become more sparse.  A good solution for that is a quality lash boosting serum and the extra depth of our 3D fiber lash system.

Simply gorgeous

Aging gracefully is a sought after virtue for women.  It is hard to believe that we can use less product and take less time and still achieve glowing, gorgeous beauty results in the mirror. There’s no shame in aiming high for ultra glam for a date night look or going all out for a mother-of-the-bride look.  I’m talking more about your day to day quest to silence the inner voice that asks, “Am I still beautiful?”

The answer is, “Darling, you are simply gorgeous!”



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