I love, love, love our Splash Liquid Lipstick.  It offers all day staying power in 10 matte finish shades that are smudge proof.  It’s the one lipstick I can wear without my husband complaining about kissing me. 🙂


I started this look by gently exfoliating my lips and allowing to dry for 5 minutes.  This is an easy step to do before you moisturize and prime your face.  Then, by the time you are ready to apply lip color they are smooth and dry.


It is critical to take the time to use a lip liner when you use the Splash Liquid Lipstick. It has a lot of color pigment and a little goes a long way.  Application could easily get out of hand without first giving yourself a safe “color in the lines” zone. Here I chose Posh in our pencil lip liner.


Three dots is all it takes on the top and about 2 on the bottom. Remember, the less product you put on the longer it will last.  I like to apply mine in dots to my lips and then work it around for the desired coverage with a lip brush.  I’ve seen other presenters put the lipstick on the back of their hand and then apply with the brush. This is great if you are mixing colors to adjust the shade. If it is too light you can apply more product to deepen the color.

Finishing Effects:

This a strong product and offers a lot of shade variations with some simple finishing effects.  If you think your shade is a bit too dark, you can always lighten it up with a dab of our Splurge Cream Shadow for a hint of iridescence.  I love using Dainty or Elegant to soften up the tone.  You can also use a slightly lighter coverage effect with the lipstick in the center of your bottom lip and fill in with a Splurge Cream Shadow to create an hombre style.  I recommend Extravagant for this.  If it’s just too dry a product for you, dry a light layer of our Lip Bonbon to moisturize your lips.  And if you still want a glossy look then add on some of our Lucrative Lip Gloss.

**In the photos above I show all these steps except the iridescent & hombre effects.  I’ve used Sensual liquid lipstick with Pouty lip liner. I show it finished matte, then with a dab of Elegant shadow (versatility!) and the lip bonbon and finally finish the look with a bit of gloss in Loveable.

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