Positively Glowing


Y’all know I love me a nice sun-kissed look all year around, not just when I’ve actually been kissed by the summer sun.  I often use a bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and love the highlight shimmer in a good contour palette.  Now I have a new brand new trick up my sleeves and I can’t give it enough of a glowing recommendation.

Younique just rolled out three new luminizer options that are only available in our collections: cream, cream to powder stick and a powder.  These are a total #gamechanger in my beauty routine and come in shades that go with any skin type.  I chose the cream a la mode in Pearly (think rose gold) and mix in a drop or two with my BB cream in Bisque for a sheer, glowing effect.


Flying Out the Door

With any good news, there is usually a bit of bad news.  Our three products have been so popular since our Mar 1st launch that a few high demand shades are on back order.  Don’t worry. Be happy! I can still take your preorder info and place it as soon as we receive notice that they are back in stock.  It’s also a sign that others see this item as a game changer. too.  In fact, I’m still waiting on my powder version and my stick sample.

All Day Glow

This picture is at about 9 p.m. after I put on my face in the early morning.  That glow on my cheeks makes me look healthy and happy and it’s still going strong after 12 hours.  That’s a makeup trick I’ll choose every single time.


Bundled Savings

Think you would like to try it out? I would love to send you a sample or talk to you about shade selection and which one of the three products would be best for your skin type.  Remember, each type of the luminizer comes as part of one collection which offers bundled savings of 15-20%.  Talk about scoring! The collections start at $150 and if you host a beauty bash you can use one of your earned hostess reward 1/2 price items to snag the kit for even more savings.

I’m calling it now.  This product is going to be a best seller for a long time.

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