What’s In a Name?


Once I decided to take the leap of faith and order my Younique beauty kit, I knew I would have to set up an email and a real beauty blog and a FB page.  That all adds up to needing a bad ass domain that has great hashtags, taglines, ties in with all the Bs in my life, etc.

After a lot of brainstorming and talking it over with a close friend, I was still torn between some different options.  Then I did my FB Live box unpacking last night and it just seemed so natural to sign off with #BeBold and #BeBeautiful.   It’s that’s simple, y’all.

cropped-3blifelogo.pngWe need to be bold and fearless in taking care of ourselves from the inside out and that includes keeping up with a beauty routine that makes you feel fabulous.  And we need to believe in our hearts that we have beauty–with or without makeup.

It’s a lifestyle choice.  Choose to be bold.  Choose to be beautiful in all that you do.

Still, I hesitated. And then around 3 a.m. it just all came together in my head and I woke with a game-changing realization: If you’re livin’ bold and livin’ beautiful then you are gonna naturally be a bad ass girl boss.

So there you have it. Bold.Beauty.Boss.

Living the 3B Life and finding inspiration each day in the beauty of those around us.

Now join the party and let’s all feel #bold and #beautiful.



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