The Dirty Truth

Ever noticed you are fighting a breakout on your face? Could be because you haven’t washed and sanitized your makeup brushes for a while. I had some bumps last week and realized I forgot to clean mine for a couple of weeks. Try to establish a weekly routine where you wash them on the same day.

Here are tips and tricks to keep your brushes clean and fabulous.

Step 1:

Start with a color cleaner (available on Amazon) for everyday brush cleaning. It is great at helping you switch colors while still using the same brush–especially for eyes! It has a very stiff wire pad and gets off excess dry product for daily use in-between washing.


Step 2:

On a day of your choosing, assemble all your dirty brushes.  Maybe you only use three.  For a long time that is all I had.  They still have to be clean.  And if you use 10 or more brushes, plan for this to take a while to get them all clean.


Step 3:

When it is time for your weekly wash, use a makeup brush shampoo or even a little makeup remover. If you use makeup remover, put it in a little dish and swish your brushes to dampen. I love my makeup mat for really scrubbing and getting the product that hides in the root of the brushes. It’s also on Amazon.


Step 4:

Be sure to let them dry overnight up to 24 hours for thicker brushes before using again!


VOILA! Clean brushes safe for your beautiful skin.

(Update: since this photo, I received my complete Younique brush collection and I’m so excited to have a matching set of big girl brushes.  Also, I can keep the old ones for wash day so I still have a way to apply my beauty products when my brushes are drying. That’s the #3blife.)

And a shout out to my BFF Jen Morris for making me that cute makeup towel! Love it!

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