The Journey Begins

How I Got My Start Posting Live Videos From My Beautyroom aka the Master Bath

I didn’t grow up with a mom who wore a lot of makeup and my sister is 28 years older than am.  She helped a little, but she wasn’t there to hole up in the bathroom with beauty magazines and new lipsticks and eyeshadows from the drugstore while we laughed over makeup mistakes and lash experiments gone awry.

IMG_2549.PNGMost of what I know came from a semiannual trip to the Clinique counter.  I always liked their products but never felt that I could recreate the looks when I got home.  Fast forward through the years and now we have Sephora and Ulta and I have two grown daughters who are gorgeous and on trend with all their makeup looks.  I was feeling some pressure to keep up with the times.

When I hit 40, I made myself go to Sephora.  By 42, I was adding brushes and palettes left and right to my stash and throwing around words like Naked, smoky and glowing. I branched into some new brands (Nars, Urban Decay and Makeup Forever), but was still faithful to Clinique and Estee Lauder.  Then it all got real when I noticed some wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes and I started over with a quest for the best skincare. I tried several great brands including Murad, Rodan & Fields and Dermalogica. But I still had to go to all these different places for all this different product and I longed for one place that had the stuff I needed.

Queue a chance introduction to Younique from my friend Kelli when she hosted a beauty bash.  Melynda, our presenter and now my fellow Y-sister, opened my eyes to the concept of having a personal beauty advisor and someone to test pilot and try out all the new trends and looks.

It wasn’t an overnight process.  I bought a collection, a few other odds and ends and grabbed samples when I could.  She always checked in on me, invited me into her bathroom studio for private makeup sessions and showed me the value of the product.

As chance would have it, a lot of my beauty and skincare items were running out at the same time and I was watching Melynda’s Facebook live video one day and it all just came together.  Younique.  One place, all the products, amazing customer service, private tutorials and recommendations, friendship and access to all the other ladies who wonder the same thing, “Does this shadow look good on me? Can I pull off this lip color? Should I go a shade lighter with my foundation for winter?”

And then I wondered why not do it myself? I know I have friends who struggle to find our look as we move into new decades and empty nests.  I have younger friends who need to learn now that they only get one skin and they better start soon with taking care of it.  I have daughters who would love bundled and discounted prices.  (No, Sephora and Ulta don’t give you half price bundled collections like we do!)

And that’s how I found myself sipping champagne, opening a box of Younique goodies and dishing on Facebook live about skincare, eyebrows, cream shadows and more.

I hope you will check in often and tell me your beauty stories and fears.  What do you really want to try but don’t have the nerve to do? What color scares you and what color makes you feel gorgeous? Sharing the fun together is what makes this bold beauty life all the better.



I’ve never been a huge makeup wearer, and when I did wear some it was the same thing all the time. I was tired of it and wanted something more. Bevin had been telling me about Younique, so when she had a beauty bash I was determined to get something a little “more.” Melynda was a great help and not only knew the perfect product I should try, but also the perfect color. So far I love the lip stain. I can have a subtle color, but it lasts all day long. I’m looking forward to trying more of the skin care line and stepping out of my comfort zone with more bold, beautiful makeup techniques.  How fun that I can do this with my best friend? Much better than an impersonal beauty bar assistant.
–Jennifer M.

I wanted something more…

Funny story…. I went to a yellow ribbon event on the other side of the state. Left the kids home so it was just me and Don (score!). Anyway, I forgot my mascara. We were going to the meet and great at the bar the first night and I told Don I needed to get mascara. He didn’t understand what the problem was. He said my makeup looked just fine. I insisted and we went to Walgreens and after I put it on he said, “Wow, ok now I understand.” He thought mascara was eyeliner. But the point is that I can’t go out with mascara and I cannot wait to try my new 3D Fiber Lashes.  When Bevin told me she was starting with Younique, I scheduled a party and got my first collection.  She told me to walk before I run, but I’ve got my eye on some new things!

–Savina F.


Never leave home without mascara